over 6 years ago

DementiaHack hackathon - happening this weekend in Toronto, Canada and London, UK.

#DementiaHack w/ UK govt, #Toronto (http://hckrn.st/DementiaHack) & #London (http://hckrn.st/DHLondon) Sept 12-14.

Technologists, developers, designers, clinicians - here's a chance to team up and tackle issues in patient lifestyle/health, care, and management for Dementia, Alzheimer's, and their related conditions. Get your free tickets now! Food and beverages all included, just show up ready to go. Use ChallengePost if you need a team or want to post a project

Winners get flown around the UK/Canada on a roadshow to demo their project(s) to major companies and healthcare/medical conferences; they get introductions to potential clients, investors, and partners; and they get the prestige…

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